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Not all handmade rugs are the same. Each construction is woven in its own unique way to create a functional art piece for your home. The style in which a rug is woven determines both the appearance and finish of the rug as well as the price of the rug depending on labour and time taken to finish the rug.

Rug Constructions at a Glance

Rug Type (1.5 x 2.4m) Time to Manufacture Durability Shedding
Hand-Knotted 5-12 Months 20+ Years Low
Hand-Tufted 4-6 Months 5-10+ Years Low-Med
Flat Weave 3-4 Months 20+ Years Low
Hand Loom 3-5 Months (Construction Dependant) 5-10+ Years Low-Med


  • High quality, detailed rugs produced by highly skilled artisans through the most labour-intensive of all rug constructions.
  • Following a rug map, the weaver builds the design of a rug up by tying thousands of individual knots one row at a time and can be easily seen at the back of the rug.
  • The quality of a Hand-knotted rug is determined by the complexity of the design and the number of knots per square inch (KPSI).
  • The higher the KPSI, the higher the rug quality and the greater the skill of the weaver.
Hand Knotted Image 1 Hand Knotted Image 2 Hand Knotted Image 3


  • While Hand-tufted rugs are still of excellent quality, they are less labour-intensive owing to the use of handheld tools that allow for rug completion in shorter time frames
  • Using the special tool of a tufting gun, individual tufts of wool or silk are punched into a pre-made backing fabric.
  • Loops or piles are formed as the tool hooks and pulls the fibres through the backing.
  • Hand-tufted rugs can be identified by the inclusion of a canvas backing glued onto the back of the rug to keep the loops intact.
Hand Tufted Image 1 Hand Tufted Image 2 Hand Tufted Image 3


  • Flat Weaves have a woven like construction and are produced on a loom
  • Consisting of warp and weft threads these rugs are flat, lightweight and do not have thick piles.
  • The rugs are often reversible with the design of the rug viewable on both sides.
  • It is recommended to place an underlay under the Flat Weave to prevent it from slipping on the floor.
Flat Weave Image 1 Flat Weave Image 2 Flat Weave Image 3


  • Rugs have a low to medium pile and are hand produced by weavers on a loom
  • The loom holds the warp or vertical threads in place to allow for the interweaving of the weft or horizontal threads.
  • Hand-looms can be easily mistaken for a Hand-knotted rug when viewed from behind, however Hand-looms tend to be more simplistic in design and less stiff in structure.
Hand Loom Image 1 Hand Loom Image 2 Hand Loom Image 3


  • Vintage hand-woven rugs that have been reimagined and modernised to give them a new lease on life
  • High quality often Hand-knotted or Turkish rugs in pristine condition are shorn to even out pile height and give the rug a refreshed look and fee
  • The rug once neutralized is then dyed in one colour to the desired intensity.
  • What remains is an on-trend repurposed rug with distinct characteristics.
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  • Extremely durable hand-woven rugs made from the eco-friendly and sustainable resource of hemp
  • Hemp as an anti-static, naturally resilient fibre is suitable for high traffic areas and provides a natural and earthy look and feel
Naturals Image 1 Naturals Image 2 Naturals Image 3


  • Machine made rugs are non-labour intensive, cost-effective yet still of very high quality.
  • Owing to the wonder of technology the rugs achieve great design detail, a myriad of intense hues and plush pile heights that are soft-to-touch.
  • Power looms are produced from a range of natural and synthetic materials.
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