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Have a look below at our step-by-step guide showing you how to determine what rug size is right for your space as well as colours and designs best suited to your look and feel.

The correct placement of a rug will create the space you have been dreaming about!

Rug Placement Step 1

Measure the dimensions of the room where you plan on placing your brand-new rug. Remember a rug is not a wall-to-wall carpet but your ultimate design tool to make a statement, add warmth and inject colour into your space.

Rug Placement Guide

How do you want to place your rug?
The rule of thumb is that bigger is better. Ideally, you want your funiture to sit comfortably on your rug. If you place a rug that is too small in a space, it is going to make the space, feel even smaller. It will also make the elements in the room feel disconnected. Go for a larger rug; it will make your room feel more streamlined and create that feeling of grandeur.

Rug Placement Step 2

Basic Layouts

See below basic rug layouts to help you determine the best placement in your space.

Living Room

Place the rug in the centre of the living room under your coffee table and ensure that atleast the front legs of your couch and any occasional chairs are on the rug. Your rug should disappear under your furniture making for a cleaner more aesthetic appearance that allows your furniture to frame the area.

Rug Size 1.8x2.7m
Rug Size 3x2.5m
Rug Size 3.6x2.7m
Rug Size 4.2x3m


  • Most standard bedrooms with a regular double bed will pair well with a 2.5 x 3m rug.
  • Place the rug under your bed for a balanced picture frame effect.
  • Allow a small breathing space between the edge of the bedside pedestal and the beginnig of the rug.
  • Your rug should almost disappear under your bed while still extending beyoud the foot of your bed (creating the illusion of more space).

Try and get your rug to line-up with the outer edge of your side pedestals - adjust according to the size of your room.

Rug Size Size 3x2.5m bedroom placement
Rug Size Size 3.6x2.7m bedroom placement

Dining Room

  • ldeally your dining room chairs mmust sit comfortably on your rug (even when they are pulled out).
  • Add 60cm onto each side of your table to give you an idea of the size of the rug you will need.
  • Adjust sizing according to your space.
Rug Size Size 3x2.5m diningroom placement
Rug Size Size 3.6x2.7m diningroom placement
Rug Placement Step 3

Now that you have your sizing it's time to choose the aesthetics you like - the fun part!

You want to consider your furniture and the colours in the room to make sure that your rug compliments your space.

Ask your self a few questions:
Plain or patterned?
Bold or busy design?
Focal point or blended in?

lf you choose a dark rug your space is going to feel moodier and more intimate. A brighter rug is going to add energy as well as add a visual dynamic to your space. A light rug will be less imposing.

Draw inspiration from the colours around you; your scatter cushions, curtains, artwork and other accessories.

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